Anpeco Design Company - December 15th, 2005

Completes work for Vettro, Inc.

Anpeco finished implementing an interpreter for Vetto proprietary language on Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices in C++. The Palm OS interpreter was also translated to run 99% in native ARM compiled code and included enhancements such as dedicated custom memory management to overcome Palm OS limitations.

Project Highlights:

  • > 90% of the C++ source code shared between Palm OS and Windows Mobile
  • > 90% of the Palm OS source code is compiled as native ARM application
  • Full Vettro Language Virtual Machine implemented in C++
    • Full multi-tasking even under Palm OS (Will run multiple Vettro applications and threads simultaneously)
    • Full TCP Socket Communication API
    • Full HTTP Communication API
    • Full Custom UI API with full windowing and onscreen gadgets
    • Basic SQL database implementation
  • Wrote dedicated Palm OS Memory Manager to support high speed memory management in native ARM code

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