Anpeco Design Company

Initiates Mass Production of SmartShopper device in China

Anpeco is sending a team of engineers to Ningbo, China to insure that the startup of volume production of SmartShoppers goes smoothly.

Product Development Highlights:

  • Worked with TheNate.com , EarlyBird Creative , and PDT to design the physical layout and UI of the SmartShopper device.
  • Worked with SmartShopper owners to choose voice recognition software from Nuance, Inc.
  • Chose the BlackFin DSP from Analog Devices has the main processor for the SmartShopper device.
  • Chose an Atmel AVR from Atmel as the IO controller for the SmartShopper device.
  • Chose the Electron thermal printer from Axiohm for the SmartShopper device.

  • Wrote more than 10,000 lines of C++ application code for the BlackFin DSP
  • Developed AVR controller code in assembly language to control various SmartShopper IO signals and manage SmartShopper power up and sleep modes.
  • Wrote several PC applications to assist development, including:
    • Program to test and update flash on SmartShopper device using USB
    • Program to record, upload, and email recording made on a SmartShopper device
    • Program to test voice recognition against audio files recorded on a SmartShopper
  • Developed DSP low-level thermal printer driver code and fonts
  • Developed DSP low-level LCD driver code and fonts
  • Developed comprehensive manufacturing self-test software and procedures

  • Used our mainland China connections to find a high quality low cost manufacturer for SmartShopper.
    Boigle - China based manufacturer

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