Anpeco Design Company

Joins tkLABS in congratulating CWSI on UL Approval!

Anpeco and tkLABS developed the technology for the CWSI Wireless Fire Alarm System

This wireless fire alarm system is the first ever to get UL certification. The low power wireless network of up to thousands of devices is solid and reliable. If any device is removed from the system or fails for any reason, an alarm is generated within 200 seconds. If any alarm condition is detected, the entire system will be alarming with 10 seconds.

It has been operational for over a year in test locations, including 1100 smoke detectors in a twin high-rise apartment building, and in a 300+ unit apartment complex with 35 separate buildings. In these type of environments, false alarms or false warnings due to network faults are unnacceptable. The CWSI system is the only wireless system in the world that works in that environment.

Anpeco Design performed the following functions:

  • Battery powered PCB design, including design, schematics, and PCB layout.
  • RF Network design, including
    • Frequency Hopping algorithms
    • Low level RF protocol including RF sync patterns, frequency selections, timing, and much more.
    • System simulation and test software
    • and much much more...
  • MSP430 firmware development, minimum 1 year battery life requirement

CWSI Newsletter for December, 2010

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