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Low Power Wireless Design Experience

Anpeco engineers love battery powered wireless gadgets! We are especially excite to be working with the new Bluetooth Low Energy standard since we can leverage our hardware skills and mobile software development skills to make some really exciting new products.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy devices (BLE, Smart Ready, Bluetooth 4.0)
    • Nordic nRF51822 based products (our favorite BLE solution)
    • Texas Instruments CC2540 and CC2541 based products
    • CSR 1000 based products
  • Custom Low Power Wireless devices
    • UL Approved wireless fire alarm system using TI MSP430 CPU with Micrel MICRF505 RF IC Designed along with tkLABS and CWSI, but Anpeco provided:
      • Battery powered PCB circuit design and PCB layout
      • Frequency hopping design, low level RF protocol, extensive test software and large network simulation test suites
      • MSP430 firmware
    • Synchronized Christmas lighting and music products using AVR32 CPU and the CC2500 RF IC from Texas Instruments
    • Wireless toys using AVR32 CPU with Atmel AT86RF212 RF IC
  • Low cost WiFi tablet using 400MHz ARM CPU from AllWinner and CC3000 WiFi module from Texas Instruments
  • and more!
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